Hotel Management

Beacon Hospitality offers a menu of third-party hotel management services based on your project needs and your organization. Services include operational management, financial management, sales and marketing, guest services, reporting, and more. View our services below and contact us with any questions.

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Operational Management

Once a hotel is operational, third-party management services take charge of overseeing daily operations.  As we near construction completion, the selection of key on-site leadership is vital to the day-to-day success of a property including overseeing the General Manager, front desk, housekeeping, food and beverage, rate management, sales & marketing, and maintenance.  It is very important that each department and individual understand their responsibilities and execute them efficiently.

Financial Management & Reporting

Beacon Hospitality will provide financial management services including budgeting, forecasting, invoicing, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and financial reporting.  The financial reporting will give ownership a clear and concise snapshot of the health and profitability of their property or properties.

Benefits of Hiring Beacon Hospitality

  • Expertise and Experience:  Our knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry will benefit our clients by allowing us to optimize hotel operations and maximize profitability.
  • Cost Efficiency:  By outsourcing management to a third-party, hotel owners can avoid the costs associated with building an in-house management team and infrastructure.
  • Market Knowledge:  Third-party managers stay updated on industry trends, market demands, and competition, enabling them to adapt strategies to maximize occupancy and revenue.
  • Risk Mitigation:  Professional management services can help mitigate risks associated with hotel operations, compliance, and financial management.
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Hiring, Training, & HR

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Sales & Marketing

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Accounting & Finance

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Revenue Management

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Guest Services